• Why CentreBlue?

    We engineer digital. Our core team has been together for more than a decade. We've won awards (Loeries, One Pencils, and even a Grand Prix from Cannes), and we've delivered some huge projects. We never, ever give up, and complete every project, come hell or high water. We believe in charging reasonable rates, and we strive to delight our clients. We are very good at what we do.


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    Latest news

    • On Key gets new identity

      Software used by 5 000 companies in 170 countries. We are developing the brand, corporate identity, and all digital touch points.

    • We nail OPI

      Global nail product manufacturer. We are developing the brand's e-commerce capabilities.

    • New look for Henderson

      Interior Design firm in Hawaii & San Francisco. Turnkey responsibility for brand design, corporate identity and all digital touch points.

    • SailPoint

      Global security governance company. We provide multi-channel marketing services (including digital).


    • DRUID

      Druid is our E-commerce application layer. It abstracts content and product managers from the complexity and price-sensitivity of the E-commerce platform, and is really easy to use.

    • PlayFair for Publishers

      PlayFair is our publishing and content platform. It plugs seamlessly into Content Management Systems, and manages and protects content assets in the syndication channel. Current implementation is for UCT and the MRC, to distribute and keep track of publications, papers and IP.

    • TransMediaSwitch

      Media Glue. A platform we're developing with partners in the UK and a third-party development partner in South Africa.

    • ICE

      In Case of Emergency - a mobile application platform for emergency auto-notifications developed in partnership with a prominent medical services group in South Africa.

  • services overview


      We are the premier provider of turnkey e-commerce solutions in South Africa - from enterprise implementations to cost-effective, quick turn-arounds for small, emerging businesses.


      Our award-winning team will conceptualise, create, place, monitor and analyse your advertising across all digital touchpoints.


      Over the last decade we have implemented digital solutions for some of South Africa's biggest publishers. We utilise a variety of publishing platforms (best fit from pocket to reader), but prefer PlayFair for Publishers.

    • APPS

      Our core strength as a development team is the ability to develop bespoke applications tailored to your very specific need. Let us know what you want, and we'll design it, and develop it efficiently and cost-effectively.


      We have done many websites over the last decade - all of them very cost-effective, some of them award-winning. Ours is a turnkey solution. We take care of everything - from concept to strategy, from design to development, from on-going search engine optimisation/marketing (SEO/SEM), to usage analysis. From optimisation to hosting. Give us the web project, and we'll give you the keys.


      We have developed bespoke mobile sites for some of South Africa's most-visited digital destinations, and we have completed intricate, and complicated mobile projects.

    • SOCIAL

      We have an integrated social solution which amplifies your corporate presence and marketing message across relevant digital touch points. Our community managers are experienced on all platforms, and can communicate in a tone-of-voice relevant to your company's personality.


      Our principal consultant and founder is a digital pioneer in South Africa, and has more than 25 years experience at the highest level, working with firms like IBM, Oracle and Accenture on multi-billion rand global projects. He has founded and funded four start-ups in the digital space over the last 17 years, and has successfully exited three companies. (Syncom, Personal Wealth Manager and Scoreline.com).

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